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3 New Ways!

You can now listen to “Spoken Word: Revelation” three different ways! 1) SoundCloud “Natty Barjon” 2) 3) Youtube! “Charles Barjon” #SpokenWord #Poetry #Art #Revolution #affirmations #NattyBarjon

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Deep Down

Deep down I’m still hurt There’s nothing more satisfying  Than your love lifting off me Like the plagued curse  Of deception and envy The rage that lies within me Buried […]

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Spoken Word: Revelation

Once again my art “Spoken Word: Revelation” has been sabotaged and blocked by my distributor so for now enjoy my works through #SoundCloud, although this is highly upsetting I will find a way around this! Jah Bless you all thank you for your continued support! None of this would be possible without supporters like you!

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You can tell and relate anything to anybody through the art of communication, no matter what it is. I’ve had conversations that should have been heated but remained civilized based on knowing how to communicate. The way we converse with each other is the key to progress and change. Being stern, aggressive, and closed minded will never end up being […]