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On Time Discourse

‪It’s the way she talks ‬‪The way she rhymes ‬‪The way her discourse ‬‪Is always on time ‬‪It’s her essence ‬‪Nothing short of divine ‬‪That makes me wonder ‬‪How is […]

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The Sun and the Moon Have come together to form  This star  Oh how this Sun has blessed  Lands near and far You see, stars never feel  The warmth of […]

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Message From the Founder: Charles Barjon

‪‪1. Remember to keep your faith in the Almighty God if there’s one thing we can learn from the Old Testament it is that faith in God leads to the deliverance of our oppressors into our hands so my brothers my sisters stretch your hands to God and confess with your mouth your faith in him.‬ 2. Now is the […]