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Moonwalkers Xscape

Originally posted on Barjon Publications:
Just to think where the greatest men in history came from a place so dirty so raggedy? this place covered in Mouse traps trying to catch Ben ?this place full of the melodies of the rockin Robbins? this place is where you learn your ABCs and your one two threes your I want you backs…

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Just Peace

Just because I’m young Just because I’m black Just because my intellect Doesn’t lack Just because your older Just because you white Just because you were there Doesn’t make it […]

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Be Apart of Change

Southern University currently has no formal recycling program nor any program that recognizes the sheer scale of environmental importance for our campus. 771 Alliance of Southern University wants to usher Southern into to the Green 21st century by providing the support and vision for a fully functioning and self-sustaining recycling program right here on the campus of Southern University. In […]

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As I live each day of this life I encounter more and more life experiences that mold me into my overall character. The “Meek EP” is just that an experience […]