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Loyalty is Me

Loyalty is the only policy  The only me The one you see In reality  Loyalty, there’s no disrespecting me  You really can not touch me There’s a whole plethora of possibilities  Loyalty is my personality  Nothing in this world will ever change me If you ever want a Visionary  Think of a Barjon’s royalty  I’m your text book definition of […]

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Only when You Breathe 

Only when doves cry do you feel Only when your mother cries you see Only when you are removed from yourself Only when sparrow’s eyes are blinded  Only when your would detaches  Only when you’ve lost it all  Is only when you breathe  [awake]

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Dare to Dream

Let’s dream of a brighter tomorrow  A place of peace and guidance  The world without hunger A place of satisfied human rights  Let’s dream of a brighter tomorrow  I dare you to paint the picture of equality  To visualize a world without pain Filled with only love never hate Let’s dare to dream a brighter today It could be a […]

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I overthink most things 

I overthink most things Constantly rethinking reality  Are these thoughts a liability  Thinking can become a vitality  I think of equality  A world of streets without pity A world where kids don’t have to get gritty  I picture a world of hospitality I overthink most things  Mental harm is only normal  Yet these thoughts are subnormal  These thoughts are only […]

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Musical  Mercenary

I’m a musical mercenary My rhymes are revolutionary  I’m a poet of musical symphonies  I illustrate your deepest thoughts I’m an artist fighting with a pen  A revolutionary waiting to be heard I bind your eyes and heart  While I bond literature and intellect I’m a soldier in the army of rhythm  I embody the sounds and harmonies  I spread […]

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Found Land

The new found land seems more like tainted land  Since you put the rusted shackles on my hands  I once had regal elegance Pyramids towering with bliss Now all I can do is reminisce  Because now you’ve got me Laying on a rotting boat Shipping me to a place so remote Who else are you going to tote to your […]

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In the Wind

They’ve got black bodies swayin and praying again Strange fruit is blowin the wind again Times are changing but everything is happening again The 60’s are back again Civil rights […]

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I’m came from the motherland  Not from a deranged man  In a strange garden I came from the trees Not from a forbidden sea  I am dark in color All things came from my shade The white hues and highlights tones of time Came from me Ra and Kemet are the places of home  Egypt and Nubia aren’t just covered […]

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What you put it you don’t get back The silence builds but never releases  My emotions build but never express I send love into you but you won’t give back When I don’t send then you’ll try But then it’s too late realization is cut off My world is closed off to yours  And your closed to mine  The delicate […]

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I’m Not Blind

Stop acting like I’m blind Like I’ll never find  All of your secret finds Just quit it I am a human being I live and thrive and survive this world too  But your lies stay with me Everyday Everywhere  With me

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Why ?Do you want to tell me why? I live in this nation Of Hate and confusion Why I was chosen to be melanated to the darkest hue Why? Why do I have to bear the pain of young people Why do I have to fight for my human rights Why? Why is it that the world has a hard […]

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Cole Was His Name

Cole was his name Thought we were friends I thought but that was a game At an early age I had to learn what right and wrong  I had to learn why I was being spit on and picked on and why I had to get up and move along and just keep moving in the struggle because life is just […]

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Moonwalkers Xscape

Just to think where the greatest men in history came from a place so dirty so raggedy  this place covered in Mouse traps trying to catch Ben  this place full of the melodies of the rockin Robbins  this place is where you learn your ABCs and your one two threes your I want you backs and fedora hats  this place […]

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Post MortemIn the distance post-mortem reeks in the air  The mother’s eyes at a distance stare  The mans melanated arm bent at 90 degrees you can see the other boys stuck at “freeze”  Get on the ground go on your knees don’t look at me boy don’t even breathe  I’m here to seize all of your rights, I’ll be damned […]

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Huey Tupac  Malcom Martin Michael  and Bob These are all the men who died for you These are the men who called out the problems of society through literature and poetry these men here are the face of a fading generation Since we’re all going back to sleep there no one to tell us to get on our feet Know […]