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Living in the world of pain it’s hard for me to stay tame. They all know the name… . Why do you have to hurt your brother supposed to love each other. Got my heart tethered feelin under the weather. Is there something I’m missing are we not listening. You feel disconnected nothing but neglected. You’ve been tested but I […]

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Corrupt O2

That American dream that I tried to see when I breathe the corrupt O2 that made me believe in what I can do. This world I live in corrupted by anger and lust but I must keep pushing with the power of God that resides in me. Stopped and dropped down the social ladder trying to climb up only to […]

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Show Me The Way

Life an endless void searching for happiness shattered by social status. Love,anger,passion nests in my soul. Trying to keep hold of what’s left. The world we live in shattered by passion bound by love created with anger. How do you survive. The power of God holding me together but how do I breathe this corrupt air that’s cursed by inequality […]

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The World We Live In

The world we live in today is covered in layers of discomfort not racism. Religion is the cause, because of the forcing of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. I for one live my Christian faith but I don't agree with sections of the holy Bible such as Adam before Eve. Today we are afraid to expand knowledge beyond our religion […]

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Open your mind

In today’s world knowledge and intellectual thought can lead you to great things. But first you have to forget what you know. Ever since you began your learning career, you’ve been programmed to know what the system wants you to know. You’ve been taught that there is Black and White but not grey. As a Christian I have to look […]